Eviction advice & counsel

  • Do you have a tenant who is overdue on the rent, damaging the property or using illegal substances?
  • You should speak with our Idaho landlord lawyers to determine your legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Not only is the eviction process complex, it is fraught with legal pitfalls for landlords.
  • Our lawyers will discuss your tenant’s violations with you, review your rights under the lease and the law, and advise you on how to proceed against your tenant in court.

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Eviction litigation

  • Eviction of a tenant in Idaho must be done in strict conformance with Idaho law.
  • Many Idaho landlords lose eviction cases in court because they did not comply with the statutory procedure.
  • By retaining us to represent you in court for a reasonable, flat fee, you will be assured that the eviction process is done correctly the first time.
  • This will protect your interests, minimize your costs, and ensure that you can remove the tenant from the property as soon as possible.

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