Lease drafting

  • Idaho leases are complex documents with many legal pitfalls.
  • Landlords often unintentionally limit their statutory rights, or end up being sued by tenants, through using outdated, unlawful, or one-size-fits-all leases.
  • As your Idaho landlord lawyer, we will discuss the details and particularities of your property with you.
  • We will counsel you on your rights under Idaho law, and we will draft a lease that ensures that your interests are strongly protected, while also complying with your responsibilities to your tenants.

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Lease negotiation

  • Are you negotiating with a commercial tenant?
  • Are you considering entering into a non-standard rental arrangement with a residential tenant?
  • Having an experienced Idaho landlord lawyer representing you in your negotiations will ensure that your interests are protected during complex negotiations.
  • We will represent you to the other parties, and draft the lease, all for one flat, upfront fee.

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